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Rich City League

Richmond Virginia's First Hip Hop Influenced Basketball League

Think You Got Game?

Rich City League is looking for the best players central Virginia has to offer. Our next season will consist of the best local legends, past high school stars, college even professional players.

Think you have what it takes? 
Complete the registration form below and your application will be reviewed and we will be in contact within 3 business days.

The Music

In Richmond Virginia, basketball and music unifies & creates the foundation of our culture. Rich City League is taking that culture to show it to the world by storm by incorporating the two building blocks and creating the perfect experience for our fans, players, special guest etc.
We support our local artist and we will willingly allow any artist that wishes to perform at any of our games to do so free of charge.
Complete the registration application below and we will be in contact with you within 3 business days.

Rich City Basketball League

All spots open/Application Approval 

Rich City Basketball League's 2017 season is soon approaching, our season is scheduled to start late December, All-Star break in mid February & playoffs will start first week in march.
All players will be approved based on their past history in organized basketball. We welcome everyone to apply for a spot in our league, everyone is approved, for players who do not qualify for our primary league will be placed in our developmental league.

Anyone interested in having a team placed in our league or wishes to sponsor a team please complete the registration application below and we will contact you within 3 to 5 business days. Team owners and sponsors must take over financial needs for the team (Registration Cost & Must Provide Custom Jerseys For Team).

Support Local Music Program

Live Performance, Music Stream For a Day On Our Website

Local artist looking to have their music promoted for free please submit your registration application below we will contact you within 2 days requesting a file of your (Clean) Music.

Admission Cost

Rich City League Primary League

Rich City League Developmental League

Rich City League All-Star Weekend


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